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Our Story


The story of the DROGA MAMO brand began in a small Ukrainian town, where a charming Mother lived. She was a master of home cooking, known for her unparalleled dishes, which she prepared with love and warmth. Her home was always full of life: children, grandchildren, relatives, and neighbors gathered around the big table, shared news, celebrated life, despite difficult times, wars, and trials.

Over time, the large family spread across the world, but the memories of those cozy evenings and the unique taste of the dishes remained. Children and grandchildren, being in other countries, remembered their childhood, preparing dishes according to Mother's recipes. It was more than just food – it was the taste of home, reminding them of their roots, traditions, and family values.

Feeling how important it is to preserve these traditions and share them with the world, one of the grandchildren decided to create the DROGA MAMO trade brand. This brand became a symbol not only of unique culinary recipes but also a reminder that home warmth and love can be found everywhere, no matter where you are.

DROGA MAMO products are not just food; they are the story of every family that longs for home, a bridge between generations and cultures. From traditional borschts and dumplings to exclusive desserts – each product reflects the soul of the Ukrainian hospitable home, filled with love, warmth, and the joy of gatherings.

In this way, DROGA MAMO transformed into a symbol of Ukrainian culture and gastronomy, promoting it beyond the country's borders and preserving the warmth of family traditions in the hearts of people all over the world.


All our products are handmade using high-quality, eco-friendly Polish ingredients.


Our unique freezing and packaging technology allows for long-distance transportation.


Our network of partners is continuously expanding across Europe.

Our Premier Network of Cafés

Our café network is continually expanding across Poland. In various cities, you can visit our establishments and enjoy dishes of Ukrainian cuisine, lovingly prepared using high-quality local ingredients.

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